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Work Oasis

Work Oasis


When we finally found the perfect fixer upper to settle Eyeland Eyewear HQ  I could not contain my excitement.

I had lots of inspiration from IG and Pinterest, and I was so sure of how I wanted it to look.

When the renovations ended, all I had was white walls and green floors. My creative mind took over and sent all that inspiration to fly a kite.

Here is the story of my ( IG famous )desk.

It was Sunday, and the company we order desks from was out of stock until one month time. I needed to get some work done that day, so I got on it.

We had some old pallets from a shipment that could work. I will need a saw and other supplies to make it possible. There was also an old door with large potential for a top, but again I will need a saw. Looking inside the building this time I found two pieces of glass left by our landlady, perfect! They had the size and shape I needed for my desk. Blocks are always in any construction site ,so I picked the prettiest eight, and white wash them. Stacked them as legs diagonally on a corner, place the glass on top and BOOM! I had a desk.

Everyone laugh at it, and I loved it. I mean who has a desk that puts a smile on people's faces or leaves them scratching their heads?

After the month passed and a regular desk was available I had long decided to keep it as it was. My husband put some tint between the two glasses for safety, but I still had the very sharp edges. So he ordered me a real table top glass, and I love it even more because now I can see right through and admire the blocks and my shoes lol.

My Old Telephone

We had a telephone just like this one but in an eggplant purple color instead. My Aunty R.I.P brought it back from the Czech Republic, USSR on one of her breaks from the sewing factory she worked. Like her, many other Cubans traveled to the USSR for work and study like my uncle Julio and uncle Hito for Pilot School.

The phone was home for many years without a working line, because the one and only telecommunications company in Cuba did not have any resources to install lines to people who didn't have a prominent position in the local government, were doctors or friends with the people in power.

In the meanwhile, we used it for every quiceañera and wedding photoshoot kept in the town as it was a very sophisticated and modern device at the time.

One day it was installed and oh boy was everyone happy! When I say, everyone, I mean the entire block. The house phone was the neighborhood's telephone. It was nice having everyone over but paying the bill, not so much.

When Cuba established close relations with Venezuela all the old phones were switched with new ones, and we lost ours.

Tio Julio managed to find me this yellow one and brought it as a gift for me; I was so happy! I use the dial now and then to take a short mental trip back in time to my childhood.

Wall Macramé

I am a Collector, rocks, sticks, keys, etc. On one of our many beach trips to a secluded part of Bull Bay,  I fell in love with these driftwood. Nature perfectly shaped it and curated by the salty ocean. Using a thin rope, I tied the smaller pieces at random. It was easy and free.

The eye on the wall

13th nuptials anniversary present from mi amor. The artist displays his work at Lady Musgrave Road, on the curve. Be careful; there is another artist on that same road that is horrible (in my opinion).


Retro Chairs

The acrylic chairs are from Cherry's Hair and More; now you know what the more stands for. They are the perfect mix of vintage, modern originality. My guests are always skeptical of having a seat but they are perfectly sturdy.


I hope I inspired you to create something awesome for your office or home. Tag me on your masterpiece or just leave a comment below.

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Mucho Love



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