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Dress over Pants

Dress over Pants

I feel a je ne sais quoi whenever I wear a dress, kimono or duster. My creative mind gets a little wild each morning when I am getting ready for my crazy day.

For anyone else, just the pants, top and shoes will be enough to wow Kingston and its surrounding areas but not for me lol. I can’t just end it there.

 I have to express myself, let go and enjoy the process.

This dress from brings me back to Cuba. The material and the print are just like the ones in a curtain at my neighbor's house; and that my friends were a laughing matter at home for a good couple of hours after I unbox my order.

Sure these flowy dress would blend in perfectly with the streets of old Havana but it's very fresh in my mind the day a photographer was walking around my neighborhood taking pictures to test the brand new color printer they just got at the local photo studio (up to then all photos were black and white).

I ran inside grabbed a pink old nylon hat, pulled down my top and tucked it under my arms as it was an off the shoulder and posed in front of the flower curtain at my neighbor's house.

My grandmother still conserves the photo back home in Cuba.

Let's talk pieces: Dress, White Top, Belt, Black and White Color Block Pants Target, Black Pomps, Linea Roma Prescription Eyeglasses with Sunsation Lenses
Special thanks to Gervan @reelahrtstudios for this pictures. 

Tell me all about how you layer a dress and if you think this is just crazy. Leave your comments below and please subscribe. 

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