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Good to know before shopping online

Good to know before shopping online

By now, you probably realized that I am an avid online shopper. I prefer e-commerce over brick and mortar hands down. I look at it as a worldwide mall. Millions of options to choose from at my fingertips(and that is a literal million).

I keep all the apps I shop from On my IPhone grouped as Shopping.

I keep all the apps I shop from On my IPhone grouped as Shopping.

The convenience of online shopping is abysmal. No traveling to the store, spending time and money on your commute. Store hopping is the worst, my boys always get very excited and will destroy everything in a shop if they are ever allowed.


Knowing this as a bussines owner I wanted to provide the convinience of online shopping to my customers. Eyeland Eyewear has a fully functional online store. Since 2015 customers can virtually try on eyeglasses and purchase prescription lenses from the comfort of their home. 

It is no secret that when it comes to purchasing on the worldwide web, there is the good the bad and the ugly.

Luckily since the growth of Social Media, companies that sell online go above an beyond to offer good quality items and excellent service.

Everyone always tells me that they are afraid of buying things online. So here is what I keep in check when online shopping, that will hopefully scare the online shopping buggy man away.

The tips below are for Asian Based online stores where I do most of my shopping nowadays. North America based websites are easier and more straight forward, but they are always more expensive and the styles not    as unique.

1-Know your size

Before even thinking about online shopping know your size. Not just Small, Medium, Large, but know how many inches your waist, hips chest are. Be honest with yourself we all want a 20" mid-section but when that dress arrives and doesn't fit, don't blame the seller. The same applies to those days we feel fat and order a Large to be then drowning in material.

Before adding to cart take a look at the items size chart. Almost every item has different measurements. You might be a Medium in a dress but have to buy a Large in another style.

Note Waist Size is 28.3" for a Medium Unlike the image below that shows a Medium at 40.2"

Note Waist Size is 28.3" for a Medium Unlike the image below that shows a Medium at 40.2"


2-Understand Materials

Understanding materials is crucial. Sometimes there is a dress I love size Small, but I am a Medium. Usually, you just move on to the next. But if you look closely and realize that it's made of polyester, that means that it stretches, and the M girl can fit in the S. Score! I only recommend this for stretchy materials.

Another importance is that sometimes the websites use images to showcase a design but manufactures it from a different material.

This top for example, on the website photo it looked like organza, but it made of polyester.


3-Know your Asian Shoe Size

Thankfully websites are equipped with a chart for the equivalent size. I am a size 8 1/2 at and a size 39 at all Asian websites.

4- Read reviews

Always take the time to hear other shopper ’s opinions. Always analyze the negative ones carefully, sometimes competitors leave negative reviews intentionally. Analyze it, look at the pictures of the item and make your conclusions.

If the item doesn't have any reviews yet don't panic. You probably have a unique sense of style or the product is very new.

5-Look at customers submitted pictures

They are the best review yet. A picture is worth 1000 words. Some are low quality and give the item no justice. But mostly they are a good proof of the item's fit and quality.

6-Checkout the websites social media

If you are unsure of the website legitimacy check out their social media pages and #s. Message existing customers everyone is cool on IG.

7- Keep an eye on discount codes

Home pages are littered with promotional codes that can save you a lot of money at check out. Write them down, so you don't have to navigate back to the homepage and away from your cart to add it at checkout.

8- If your order is of high-value contact customer care ahead of time.

This is the part I dislike the most but just how we sometimes don't trust the seller the seller doesn't trust the buyer. If your order is over $200.00, they might issue a ticket from the website requesting a copy of the last four digits of your credit card and ID. You can cover information like your date of birth; they just want to see your name. This process will delay your order tremendously. So if you trust them, you can email the information right after checkout, and your order gets shipped out right away.

9-Tracking Info

Sorry, you won't be able to track your order step by step  but they do arrive at the estimated date. I haven't shipped to Jamaica as yet, but when I do, I will update this post.

10-Review for rewards


Once you get your items, head back to the website and leave a review. Not only will it help other shoppers it will also help you save money on your next order. With every review, you accumulate points that translate into dollars that you can use as payment.


Here is a list of my favorite online stores

Asian Based

  North America Based



Forever 21

Nasty Gal







I hope I cover most of your doubts with this post, if you have any questions leave it below I will be more than happy to help.

Mucho Love


The statements above are based solely on my honest opinion as a shopper I have no affiliation or been compensated by any of the clothing website mentioned. Except for Eyeland Eyewear which is my company. 
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