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My Necklace from Home Depot

My Necklace from Home Depot

When I saw this necklace from the Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci spring- summer collection on InStyle magazine, I fell in love with it.

I thought it was the perfect style for my lifestyle since little to no necklaces I possess can outlive my kid's playful hands. I need some serious hardware if I want to make an accessory statement.

When I want a style piece, I have to have it. Unfortunately, sometimes the pocket et can't fulfill my desires, and I love it because it forces me to get creative.

On our last trip to Georgia, I found this chain at Home Depot, jackpot!  I could not believe the price. I purchased five feet and made myself a statement necklace inspired by the runway style. A bobby pin secures it, and it's still a work in progress. I want to add a pendant to it, but I am yet to settle with one.

Until then I will play with it as a belt, bracelet, and choker and update this post with new pictures.

This outfit is very casual. I was in a rush to take the kids to swimming class on this very hot Saturday morning. My short shorts and linen shirt were screaming wear me! From my closet.

The painted shirt, I purchased from a roadside seller; she had amazing vintage clothes.

My jeans shorts are from American Eagle

My elevated flats, Oh, how I love my elevated flats. I have been giving my gladiators a break since I got them. I saw this trend on the spring issue of InStyle, and I knew it was going to stick. I get a lot of compliments on them.

I can always count on Shein to get this staple pieces for less.

I had a blast taking these pictures in my backyard. I hope I inspired you to create a piece to complete your look.


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Photo Credits: Self Taken. Using my SonyA5100


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