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Mambisa Cubana

Mambisa Cubana


The places my inspiration for an outfit come from are extraordinary. It was Saturday, and I was heading to the monthly Back on the Rack Sale and a mentoring session with part of my team after. Somehow that morning I was channeling the power of a Mambisa Cubana. A woman who fought for the independence of Cuba alongside her children and husband. Mariana Grajales is one of my favorites. Surprisingly she died here in Jamaica in 1893. I will love to visit her burial site if it still exists.



 I had to wear white as all mambises did and pants under a skirt was also a most. I layered a lace cropped top and skirt over a long sleeve shirt and my mother's vintage pants. The belt is from Cuba; it has engravings of the map and palm trees on it. It's my husband's belt, so I made a knot that turned out to be the perfect and only accessory I needed. 


This outfit made me feel so powerful and delicate at the same time. I know I knock it out of the park with a look when I make it downstairs and my mom rushes for her phone to take a photo of me before I go.

I will love to hear the places you draw your inspiration from when dressing.

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Photo Credits: Self Taken. Using my SonyA5100

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We are not the enemy.

We are not the enemy.

My Necklace from Home Depot

My Necklace from Home Depot