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We are not the enemy.

We are not the enemy.

“I will never stop throwing the rope down the hole to rescue people. No matter how many times they place it around their neck instead of grabbing it.”


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I like to think of my management style as box braking, status quo challenging, flexible employee-employer partnership. My husband and I are very considerate and understanding. We know that employees are not machines. They are humans, with feelings and families just like us. Sometimes I wonder how they can manage all the problems at home and work. We are blessed to have the team we have today.



You are probably wondering what this has to do with the quote above. Well, very often team members don't realize the valuable employers they have. They don't understand that communication is vital and that it is a two-way street . Over the years as a girl boss, 14 to be exact, I had many conversations with employees and had advised them on how they can improve their ways, all by communication. If you know you can’t make it at 9 am no matter what, just be honest about it, you can start at 10 and live at seven instead of 6. If the commute is too intense and you are tired all day to the point you fall asleep on the job, just be honest, we can send you to a closer location or just take that rent nearby we have been offering. Employers are so easily demonized and seen as the bad guys it's painful, and at the end, this assumption not only hurts us but the employee as well. Do you think we want to terminate and hire as much as we comb our hair? No, we don't. We want a long lasting team who wants to make Eyeland Eyewear more than just a workplace but a career and a home.


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Although our company has a brilliant HR manager we could be more thankful for. I always try to bed the rules a bit and go behind the curtain and give the employee in trouble a heads up. Hey, I have seen this and that you know you can just send a letter of apology and be in the clear. Oh boy, how many times I have gotten a spit right back on my face. That is ok. I won't stop, because if I did that won't be me, and who knows maybe one day someone will listen and their job will be saved.


Been the firm believer, I am of prevention here is some advice on avoiding the HR bench.


·     Appreciate

·     Be honest

·     Be straightforward

·     Don't be afraid

·     Your boss is a human just like you

·     Your boss wants you here as much as you want to be here

·     Recognize your mistakes

·     Recognize that you are not a snowflake

·     Recognize that at any giving time over 50 persons are applying for your position.


 I hope other employers can relate to this post and that employees finally get a heads up. Just remember we are not here to “get you” If that was the case we won’t had employed you in the first place.



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