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InStyle Magazine

InStyle Magazine

How did this happen?

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Step 1. Ad to 2017 vision board "To be featured on InStyle Magazine"

Step 2. Participate in #inspieredbyinstyle

Step 3. Be really inspired by InStyle

Step 4. Email the look


I am not a fan of prints, but I was motivated and inspired by your March issue to give it a try when I saw your Mini Trend article on Checks" The preppy pattern feels less stodgy when spruced up with feminine flourishes - hi, ruffles- and free-flowing silhouettes." That just made a lot of sense to me. I absolutely love this pants, and the oversized bows on my stripped blouse just give it that extra girly touch.

I hope you like this look as much as I do. I have more pictures of this outfit, and the images I am sending are not retouched.

You can find me

Thank you so much for inspiring me every day.

Mucho Love


Step 5. Watch your dreams become a reality.

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What I am wearing

Sunglasses from Eyeland Eyewear

Top From Shein

Pants from Asos

Shoes from Target



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Photo Credits: Self Taken. Using my SonyA5100

Mucho Love




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We are not the enemy.

We are not the enemy.