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DIY Flower Crown for Saints International Style Week

DIY Flower Crown for Saints International Style Week

Night two of Saint International Style Week was a French Elan inspired outdoors, over the top event.



I was honored to be one of their Style ambassadors. So I had to show up and show out! Style week Jamaica is one of the biggest fashion events held in the Caribbean and is visited by people from all over the world.

At first, I had no idea of what to wear. I would have an outfit made but there was not enough time. So off to the retailers I went.

Inspired by the international flair of the event I wanted a European feel with a touch of the Caribbean. Something lady like but not as soft as a dress.


I remembered my ruffled red train skirt from Star Boutique. It doesn’t get any more Spanish than that. So I started building from there.

A stop at Enigma Elite brought me to this bright red, perfectly stitched- one buttoned men’s wear suit. I own more than one pair of red shoes so it was an all red affair. With my outfit’s picture in my head it felt somewhat incomplete.



I love those flowers head bands I always see European bloggers wear. So off I went to True Value and got red flowers and long black nails to build my crown.



I grabbed an old Christmas ribbon from my Christmas goodies, some glue and walla!... I made the perfect head crown to go with my already fierce outfit in just five minutes.



I chose these stunning black earrings to match with my black nails and my rouge but classy makeup.

I must say I felt real confident in this outfit and I felt like a boss and a goddess at once!


Suit Enigma Elite

Skirt: Star Boutique

Shoes: Sammy Dress

DIY Flower Crown: True Value

A special thank you to my Insta Friend Yanoi McKenzie for helping me with the editing of this post. 

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Mucho Love


Mucho Love

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