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Thrifting has been one of my favorite shopping methods lately. A one of a kind dress for less than $500.00 jmd is like a piece  of heaven on earth.


 The pose in this photo looked weird and crazy and had all my Instagram friends scratching their heads. It looks weird and crazy, my type of pose. The idea was to show the beautifully bedazzled back of my booties heels while showing the fluffy sleeves of my dress. So I pretended to be the lime in the coconut and twist it all up.


This is the second time I wear this dress. Styled completely different from the first time round  and it felt just like brand new. 


FYI that is our chicken coop behind me. I thought the place looked brown and dull so decided to brighten it a little with my bold colors.


I tried to belt my LRD but it wasn’t right. What to do when you need a belt and a bag? Turn your bag into a belt of curse. 


The strap on this crossbody bag is detachable and long enough to go around my waist two times. 


Green and red, what a contrast! 

I had a lot of fun with this dress. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions leave them below you know I love to chat.  

Mucho Love


LRD: Back on The Rack

Crossbody Bag: Lee’s Fifth Avenue  

Booties: Shoedazzle  



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The Gleaner, Flair Magazine

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