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Big Clothes Big Advantage

Big Clothes Big Advantage

No maternity clothes need it... yet. 

After having my two boys I finally got to know my body. What to do, how to do it, to be in my comfortable shape.

The clothes I wear plays a big role on this comfortable feel. I grow apart from close fitted dresses, suits and pants. I realized that they were one of the reasons I felt overweight when I actually wasn’t.  


I made the S for small a deal breaker when buying clothes. Unless it was a big fitting S.  


My decision was a win win.  

One: There are more vintage/ thrift options in big sizes. 

Two: Big fitting clothes are fresher and will always make you look like you lost five pounds.

Three: I am now seventeen weeks pregnant and can still fit in my regular clothes. 


Now, you may think that is not a big deal. But if you follow me on IG you problably saw my previous pregnancies and noted how big this bumps were 😳. Yes, I carry really big and had to buy maternity clothes really early own, due to my previous obsession with XS and S. Because of that popular bealive that M and L at for “fat”  people and we just fall for it and look and feel like a sousage in the wrong casing.


Dress for you, do what works for you. Be comfortable and free in the clothes you wear always. 

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